Candy, Cars & Celebrity Deaths - See, Here’s the Thing - 71

cars candy celebrity deaths

You know what I miss? Cavity-inducing, diabetes-priming 90’s candy.  Episode 71 is full of sugary goodness with candy nostalgia, celebrity deaths, and intense discussions on new cars.

I’m not sure how we got on the topic of grade school candy, but we toss out our favorite brands, from Warheads to Lemonheads (don’t Google that) to Cow Tales to Big League Chew.

candy cars celebrity deaths

Then, it’s on to a discussion of Mini Coopers, SUVs, CRVs and other automobile acronyms.  But don’t worry: death isn’t too far down the line with our Celebrity Death List update!

Plus, we’ll briefly chat about Darkest Hour, the Fake News Awards, Miss America age requirements and more!

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cars candy celebrity deaths