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What is Feast on History?

Blazing Caribou Studios has given a home to Feast on History hosted by Kari McGinnis and her lovely co-host Andrea Freitas. Blazing Caribou Studios is excited to introduce it’s first full food and history podcast. Feast on History is the podcast where they take you and your tastebuds thorough a historical ride through the ages.  Grab a fork while you dine on some pretty interesting facts and historical figures and find out exactly how those tasty victuals got to your plate. Feast on History takes you back to the very beginning of a Food’s story.  Kari and Andrea explore every nook and cranny and throw you forward into the future of food. It focuses on sharing knowledge and learning new things about food and its history. This podcast is rated G and is suitable for all.

Feast on History (Available on Blazing Caribou Studios) explores the deep history, cultural relevance and even the future of food. Learn along with Kari and Andrea as they delve into the past, ruminate on the present and speculate on the future of our favorite foods.

Recent Episode

Introduction - Feast on History - 1

About this episode

Andrea says about this episode: “Our introductory episode gives you a little insight as to who we are as hosts of the show and how we got our undying love of food.”

What Kari has to say about this episode: “I wanted to introduce everyone to Andrea and myself on our first podcast that way each week we could dive right into the topic and the history of food.  I’ve been so ready for this podcast to come to fruition and at long last it’s here!  I’m so excited to be part of this, you’ll be able to hear my enthusiasm explode through your earpods.  Please enjoy!”

About the Creator/Host

Kari McGinnis is a mortgage specialist, licensed cosmetologist and history junkie and homecook who loves her family, and of course food! Kari is the owner, founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Blazing Caribou Studios. In addition to her myriad of executive duties in those roles, she is a producer and host for Trivia Geeks Live!, BrokeBot Mountain, Sketching Comedy & Feast On History. Feast on History is her podcast baby and has been a part of her in some way since her podcasting career. Kari is married to her beau James and is mom to the lovely Reagan of our own 8 Bit Avenue.  When she’s not wearing so many hats, she’s at home cooking a meal for her family and cuddling with her dogs, Wolverine and Jake.

About the Cohost

Andrea Freitas is an Operations Manger of a jewelry store by day, a wellness blogger at A Measured Life, enthusiastic home cook and cosmetics peddler by night. She’s had a passion for cooking since she was a kid and does her best to live the good life on a budget. She can wax poetic about herbs and spices, exotic cuisines get her amped up and she loves to create healthy recipes that pack a flavor punch. Andrea is fur-mama to Bingley, her Boston terrier.

FEAST ON HISTORY IS NOW AVAILABLE wherever you listen to podcasts.

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