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WELCOME BACK “See, Here’s the Thing”

See, Here's the Thing

What is See, Here’s the Thing?

See, Here’s the Thing is the podcast where opinions come face to face with humor and hilarity! Join hosts Kate & Patrick as they dive into a new topic each week, sandwiching each episode with improv games, bad impersonations, and funny news clips.
It’s a laugh-a-minute with these two nutballs, who also happened to be married. With an extensive background in theatre and music, you’re sure to share a laugh with the podcasting world’s version of Lucy and Ricky.
Recent Episode

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About this episode

We’ve got a brand new format, a brand new logo, and brand new underpants! We’ve retooled the show a bit and have a slicker, quicker episode in store for you!

It’s May, it’s May, the lusty month of May! And that can only mean one thing: it’s school testing time. We discover new ways to make testing fun again with language arts questions about Mark Zuckerberg and Fort Night.

But the real topic in Episode 83 is bad movies. See, here’s the thing about bad movies: they can become your favorite movies after multiple viewings! Haunted Mansion, Moulin Rouge, Student Bodies…these are just a few of the flicks which have grown like moss on our hearts.

And if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if horror films took over Disney World, we’ve got you covered.

About the Hosts

Kate and Patrick both hail from Erie, PA.  Kate is a middle school music teacher and Patrick works in educational technology integration.  Kate loves to run, to travel to new countries, and all things Disney World.  Patrick is an avid golfer, a Simpsons fan, and a proud alumni of Penn State University.  Both hosts share a mutual affection for video games, along with roller coasters, Marvel movies, and food.


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