Substitute Hamster - The Soapy Madams Podcast - 28

Substitute Hamster

Hey drama llamas! Welcome to our final episode on Podbean! Next week we’ll be found at Blazing Caribou Studios. It may take a bit for the RSS to redirect so, make sure to look on iTunes, Google Play or direct download from BCS. We’ve had a great time with Podbean and are looking forward to our next big adventure!

This week, Kat Moon returns from the dead (or anyway, Ireland), on EastEnders! Oompus Boompus on Emmerdale as Juicebox Joe discovers a new life of punched noses and regret, and Marlon has to find a Substitute Hamster. Looks like Pat Phelan’s plans are about to really come unraveled on the cobbles, and over in America, Jim Harvey’s number appears to be up as well!

Come on in, the drama’s fine!

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