David Luzader

Aliens - Brokebot Mountain - 48

Aliens Today the crew of Brokebot Mountain invites fellow podcaster Justin Zenger from the Zeng This! Podcast to discuss the  Oscar winning film, Aliens written and directed […]

District 9 - Brokebot Mountain - 47

District 9 Today the crew of Brokebot Mountain invites  author Curtis Craddock to discuss theOscar nominated film, District 9  written by Terri Tatchell and directed by Neill Blomkamp. […]

9 - BrokeBot Mountain - 45

‘9’ Today the soulless dolls of Brokebot Mountain discuss theAnimation Action-Adventure film ‘9’ directed by Shane Acker.  David harps on Kari for her […]

ID4 - Brokebot Mountain - 39

ID4 Brokebot Mountain is the podcast where three friends weak attempt to walk through a maze that explores themes of existence and free thought in […]

HER - Brokebot Mountain - 18

Brokebot Mountain is a podcast created by Blazing Caribou Studios to discuss HBO’s Sci Fi Western Westworld. In this episode, Kari Simms and Phil Rood […]

\W/ Contrapasso - Brokebot Mountain - 5

Contrapasso In this week’s episode of HBO’s Westworld series ‘Contrapasso‘ Dolores, William and Logan reach Pariah, a town built on decadence and transgression-they’re  recruited for a […]